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Confession of Favor (read this aloud every single day)
Confession of Favor (read this aloud every single day)

I am posting this under our Spoken FunkVision page as well. I am going to read this every single day when I wake up in thh morning...and I might even bust it out at night before I go to bed. But most assuredly, every morning! I don't know about you, but I need favor upon my life. And ther eis only one that can supply that favor. And that ONE is the Creator. Halleluyah. Thank you, Jesus! I feel so good, even typing this right now. I pray and trust that you will join me in reading this every morning and watch how it changes your life. Father, I receive and declare your favor in my life today...

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Ice Bucket Challenge

My latest dilemma about the Ice Bucket Challenge.

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28th Aug 2014Ahhh, yea…THIS SUNDAY…you ain’t working Monday…it’s on! Labor Day Funk!
28th August 2014
Ahhh, yea…THIS SUNDAY…you ain’t working Monday…it’s on! Labor Day Funk!

WHO'S WORKING MONDAY Labor Day Funk is our biggest FUNK of the YEAR and it is THIS SUNDAY!!! There will be two shows 8 pm and 10 pm. The 8 pm is dang near sold out! Your best bet is the 10 pm! Both will surely sell out...cause after all...WHO'S WORKING MONDAY. Not you. Not me. And the line-up is pure ridiculous!

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21st Aug 2014What is your favorite song?
21st August 2014
What is your favorite song?

I ask this question for a reason. When you come to our awesome show THIS SUNDAY...you will understand why! Sooooo, what is your favorite song? While you are thinking about that, I shall tell you this...our show THIS SUNDAY is gonna be so off the hook. First of all, we are celebrating a birthday of one of our FUNKATEERS! We love her like Poetri loves chicken! Ms. Heather Parker is turning 21 (again) and we are celebrating! So, best believe it is going to be packed...and SOLD OUT! Bring your game face...cause there will be a lot of pretty awesome people in the building...

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