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It’s better than Dinner and a Movie?
SPOKEN FUNK'S NEW HOME, THE ARC NoHo, will NOW be the place to feed your soul AND your STOMACH. Indulge yourself in a plate of delectable SOUL FOOD. That's right, DINNER & DESSERT will be served to all our VIP & PREFERRED guests. Not only is SPOKEN FUNK where POETRY and COMEDY meet, it's now gonna be the place of EXQUISITE dining!
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We want your experience at Spoken Funk to be as awesome as possible. From the minute you park your car to the minute you unpark your car. So, that is why we wanted to give you all a giant heads up about parking. We have heard

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18th Nov 2014Thanksgiving Funk This Saturday!
Thanksgiving Funk This Saturday!
18th November 2014
Thanksgiving Funk This Saturday!

We have so much to be thankful for. I don't even know you, but I know GOD is good and if HE woke you up this morning and has you reading these words right here on this page...well...then you should be thankful. Cause I am about to HOOOOOK YOU UP!!!  Tis’ the season to be hungry. And what better place to feed that appetite than one of the most talked about shows in Hollywood. SPOKEN FUNK! Where Poetry and Comedy (and now food) Meet!

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12th Nov 2014Dinner now served!
12th November 2014
Dinner now served!

You read that right. Spoken Funk is now serving DINNER and DESERT every Saturday at The Arc NoHo 11039 McCormick Street, North Hollywood, CA, 91601. And how exactly do you get this delicious southern home cooked meal?

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