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Pre-Valentine’s Funk at Spoken Funk

We are getting close. You can be in love, bring a date, not be in love still bring a date OR not be in love and not bring a date, either way, you need to be here at...

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I Wish Heaven Had a Phone by Poetri

I Wish Heaven Had a Phone. By Poetri

I wish Heaven had a phone

so I could call you one last time.

It has been a minute

since you've left our planet,

and quite frankly, I still regret it.

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27th Jan 2015Spoken Funk featuring Doug Williams Feb. 7th
Spoken Funk featuring Doug Williams Feb. 7th
27th January 2015
Spoken Funk featuring Doug Williams Feb. 7th

I don't think you are ready! Matter of fact, I am sure that you are not. You know why? Cause you can not possibly be ready for what is about to happen on February 7th! it may possibly be our best Spoken Funk in almost TEN YEARS! Before I go any further you better mosey on down to and pick up your tickets NOW, cause this show will SELL OUT!!! We have an all-star line-up headlined by the host of "Martin Lawrence's First Amendment" Doug Williams! And that is not all...

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16th Dec 2014First Funk of the Year! January 3rd!
16th December 2014
First Funk of the Year! January 3rd!
SPOKEN FUNK'S NEW HOME, THE ARC NoHo, will NOW be the place to feed your soul AND your STOMACH. Indulge yourself in a plate of delectable SOUL FOOD. That's right, DINNER & DESSERT will be served to EVERYONE! That's right! You heard me. EVERYONE! Not only is SPOKEN FUNK where POETRY and COMEDY meet, it's now gonna be the place of EXQUISITE dining!
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