Baby Got (Feed) Back!

Spoken Funk is the Baby…and we got the (Feed) Back from you!


“Good morning brother. Just had to message n let u know what a blessing y’alls show was. I woke of this morning laughing & it really felt like I was Rollin through clouds of tickles n giggles. Lol. Thank u n ur wife for sharing such uplifting positive artistry. Still feel the blessed vibes. One.” –¬†preciouspyn

We were supposed to do a ONE TIME ONLY EVENT celebrating Juren’s 40th Burfday Bash. Yet, everyone remembered how the Funk used to be the spot to go to for over 12 years and they demanded that we do another show!¬†So we will! Thanks for that great feedback. Our next show is August 17th and the line-up is one of our hottest line-ups EVER! Don’t miss out on this show! IT WILL SELL OUT!

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Tommorrow NIGHT! It is on!

The line will be long. Believe that! Arrive Early. Spoken Funk is going to sell out! It always does. But, for the lucky few that make it inside to enjoy the fun…they will have the time of their lives. We’ve got amazing prizes that we are giving out. I want to tell you what they are so bad…but my wife says that I cannot hold any secrets…so I need to prove her wrong. I WILL NOT SPILL THE BEANS!

Make sure you get your tickets ahead of time and then arrive early to get great seats! Poetry, Comedy, Music, Games, Prizes, Snacks, and so much more. Join us for the best time of your life. Get tickets RIGHT HERE!


Cupcake Studios 11020 Magnolia Blvd, NOHO, CA, 91601

Doors 7:00 PM Show: 8:00 PM




Thursday Night Therapy!

Juren’s 40th BURFDAY BASH!

Eventbrite - Spoken Funk is BACK!!!

We could tell you how everyone has been calling us for the past two years asking us when are we coming back. We could mention that we were the original LA hotspot that featured spoken word and poetry. We could tell you that we sold out shows for ten years straight…but we are not. Right now, what is most important is that WE ARE BACK!

Throughout this journey, we will mention all of that mess. Right now, we just want to open things up so you can scoop up these tickets! Since we made the soft launch announcement, our email, FB, Twitter and phones have been ringing off the hook! We already know that THIS SHOW WILL SELL OUT! This is not only our first show back in over two years, but it is also Juren “J-Boogie” Smith’s 40th Burfday Bash!

The stars have aligned and the best of the best are coming out to perform for our first show. Our website is still being remodeled…get your tickets right here on eventbrite! So…no more waiting…here we are…


where POETRY and COMEDY meet.


Thursday – July 6th, 2014
Doors open at 7:30pm | Showtime – 8:00pm


The #1 Show in Los Angeles.

Eventbrite - Spoken Funk is BACK!!!

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Cupcake TheaterSpoken Funk – The Cupcake Theater

11020 W Magnolia Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 91601

In case you forgot the line that always accompanies a Spoken Funk show…ARRIVE EARLY and buy PRE-SALE!

Get Presale tickets HERE
Eventbrite - Spoken Funk is BACK!!! or call

661-SPOKEN-5 (661-776-5365)

$15 Presale / $20 Door


The Cupcake Theater (the new home of Spoken Funk)

The Cupcake Theater (in the heart of NOHO)

11020 W Magnolia Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 91601


Eventbrite - Spoken Funk is BACK!!!


What are my transportation/parking options for getting to and from the event?

Last Chance to get your $10 Tix!

Hi, it’s Poetri!

I just wanted to send you a personal update real quick. Our tickets are selling so fast that we are afraid we might sell out even BEFORE July 6th (the day of the show)! To alleviate that situation of turning people away at the door…my wife and I came up with a plan! Cause we absolutely hate to turn folks away!

The best prizes are at Spoken Funk! Wait till you see what we are giving away on July 6th!

What usually happens is people wait till the last minute and try to buy tickets at the door. And sometimes we end up turning them away cause we are just too packed. Spoken Funk is at a new venue, we are not exactly sure how many people the CUPCAKE THEATER can hold. So, my wife and I decided to put a little fire under your butts!

The line that always forms outside a Spoken Funk Show!

THIS WEEKEND IS THE LAST TIME that you can buy our discount SPOKEN FUNK tickets for just $10. YUP! At 11:59 pm on Sunday…that sale will end! Starting on Monday…July 2nd…pre-sale tickets will be $15 and $20 at the door!

Another great audience shot

YAY! So hurry…get your cheap tickets for expensive Fun-k FAST!

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People LOVE us on YELP!

Now this is pretty cool, if we don’t say so ourselves! People on YELP simply LOVE Spoken Funk! We just won the 2017 Award for being loved on YELP! We are happy and blessed to be enjoyed by so many people from all kinds of backgrounds! We guess that when your goal is to make people laugh enjoy good old fashioned funny AND be inspired by the realest of poets…the effort pays off with awesome awards like this!

We thank you for all of the great reviews on YELP. If you want to go peep out what people are saying about us…be our guest. Check us out on Yelp! Before you leave, though, get a ticket to join us for the next show! A ONE NIGHT ONLY EVENT! THis may be our last show…so we are making sure it is going to be a DOOZY (whatever that means). We are pulling out all the stops. Get your tickets now right here!

Have you gotten your FREE Tickets yet to the MOVIES?

No need to look at that question twice. You read it right the first time. Spoken Funk is giving away a gang of free tickets to see BABY DRIVER! Look up at our menu. You see those words in all capital letters. What does it say? Yea, I’m talking to you! What does it say? It says FREE MOVIE TICKETS, doesn’t it?

Well, what are you sitting around here reading the rest of this for…go on and click that thing and get your free tickets before they run out. Oh, shoot, I almost forgot…also don’t forget to pick up your Spoken Funk tickets (By the way, those are not free!). You can grab them right below! Our ONE TIME ONLY SHOW is July 6th at the Cupcake Theater in North Hollywood! Doors open at 7:30 pm and show starts at 8:00pm! Poetry, Comedy, Music, Games, Prizes, Snacks, and so much more. THIS WILL SELL OUT! So, grab those tickets NOW!

Eventbrite - Spoken Funk is BACK!!!

Today is SUNDAY!

We surely hope you are having a great and wonderful Sunday thus far! As many of you already know, SPOKEN FUNK used to rock on SUNDAY for over ten years! But, we are here to tell you the Thursday is the NEW Sunday. Thursday is the NEW FunDay! Thursday is the new…well…okay, you get the point! Spoken Funk is on Thursday, July 6th! Featuring Ron G., Aaron Edwards, Sekou Andrews, And Allah’s Apprentice with a few special guests! Plus, a whole lot of games and prizes and music and snacks and drinks and…OMG…Spoken Funk is so awesome! We miss it just like you did!

Should I be eating while I am laughing so hard?

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Welcome to our NEW Site!

We are glad that you are here! Have you ever been to a Spoken Funk show? Well, if not, you have no idea what you are missing. Good thing for you, we have our first show in two years coming on July 6th! After going for over TEN YEARS, we took a two year hiatus…and now we are back for a ONE NIGHT ONLY special show. We are celebrating Juren “J-Boogie” Smith’s 40th burfday (yes, I spelled it wrong on purpose)!

Underneath these next words is a button! Click on that button and pick up your tickets for SPOKEN FUNK!

Eventbrite - Spoken Funk is BACK!!!