Last Chance to get your $10 Tix!

Hi, it’s Poetri!

I just wanted to send you a personal update real quick. Our tickets are selling so fast that we are afraid we might sell out even BEFORE July 6th (the day of the show)! To alleviate that situation of turning people away at the door…my wife and I came up with a plan! Cause we absolutely hate to turn folks away!

The best prizes are at Spoken Funk! Wait till you see what we are giving away on July 6th!

What usually happens is people wait till the last minute and try to buy tickets at the door. And sometimes we end up turning them away cause we are just too packed. Spoken Funk is at a new venue, we are not exactly sure how many people the CUPCAKE THEATER can hold. So, my wife and I decided to put a little fire under your butts!

The line that always forms outside a Spoken Funk Show!

THIS WEEKEND IS THE LAST TIME that you can buy our discount SPOKEN FUNK tickets for just $10. YUP! At 11:59 pm on Sunday…that sale will end! Starting on Monday…July 2nd…pre-sale tickets will be $15 and $20 at the door!

Another great audience shot

YAY! So hurry…get your cheap tickets for expensive Fun-k FAST!

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