Today is SUNDAY!

We surely hope you are having a great and wonderful Sunday thus far! As many of you already know, SPOKEN FUNK used to rock on SUNDAY for over ten years! But, we are here to tell you the Thursday is the NEW Sunday. Thursday is the NEW FunDay! Thursday is the new…well…okay, you get the point! Spoken Funk is on Thursday, July 6th! Featuring Ron G., Aaron Edwards, Sekou Andrews, And Allah’s Apprentice with a few special guests! Plus, a whole lot of games and prizes and music and snacks and drinks and…OMG…Spoken Funk is so awesome! We miss it just like you did!

Should I be eating while I am laughing so hard?

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Welcome to our NEW Site!

We are glad that you are here! Have you ever been to a Spoken Funk show? Well, if not, you have no idea what you are missing. Good thing for you, we have our first show in two years coming on July 6th! After going for over TEN YEARS, we took a two year hiatus…and now we are back for a ONE NIGHT ONLY special show. We are celebrating Juren “J-Boogie” Smith’s 40th burfday (yes, I spelled it wrong on purpose)!

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Eventbrite - Spoken Funk is BACK!!!



It’s been a total of 12 years since Spoken Funk was created. Take a look down memory lane and check out some of these pictures from all of the venues that we have been.
Eventbrite - Spoken Funk is BACK!!!