People LOVE us on YELP!

Now this is pretty cool, if we don’t say so ourselves! People on YELP simply LOVE Spoken Funk! We just won the 2017 Award for being loved on YELP! We are happy and blessed to be enjoyed by so many people from all kinds of backgrounds! We guess that when your goal is to make people laugh enjoy good old fashioned funny AND be inspired by the realest of poets…the effort pays off with awesome awards like this!

We thank you for all of the great reviews on YELP. If you want to go peep out what people are saying about us…be our guest. Check us out on Yelp! Before you leave, though, get a ticket to join us for the next show! A ONE NIGHT ONLY EVENT! THis may be our last show…so we are making sure it is going to be a DOOZY (whatever that means). We are pulling out all the stops. Get your tickets now right here!

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