Things just haven’t been the same…

Is it me? Or have things been a little weird lately? I mean, it’s been weird for quite some time now, but things have gotten really really weird these last few days. Ever since that total eclipse…I’m serious. Heatwaves, Earthquakes, Nazi’s, statues falling, insults swirling, Ghost in a whole bunch of mess, things are just weird. I’m telling you…things ain’t been the same since that eclipse.

Eventbrite - Birthday-Anniversary FUNK!!!

Well, it’s a good thing that Spoken Funk is here to bring things back to order. Well, with Spoken Funk…nothing is exactly in order. I guess, I’m saying it is good Spoken Funk is here to bring back the funny. We need a rest from all this negativity. Sometimes it is good that we just laugh. And you can do that at our next show #Sept28th. Get your tickets right here on this site.

Eventbrite - Birthday-Anniversary FUNK!!!

Spoken Funk is the only place where poetry and comedy meet. Let’s all meet there and change the world. Bring love, laughter and lint. (I couldn’t think of another L word!)

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